We are looking for contributors who have a passion for writing about and discussing Movies, TV Shows, Comic Books and anything else in the Nerdsphere. We are looking for contributors who passionate about these topics. Potential contributors should be well informed with a  strong point of view and an engaging narrative style. We want to focus on quality and consistency, not quantity. So with that said, not everyone who submits to Movie Trailer Reviews will get to write for us. Below are the requirements and types of  contributors we’re looking for:

TV Show Recap/Reviewers:

  • A minimum of 750 words
  • Ability to summarize the Positives and Negatives of each episode in short, concise but gripping statements
  • If it is a review, rating the episode on the A+ to F scale
  • Commitment to a full season of reviews/recaps for the show
  • A consistent voice and style for your reviews. We won’t tell you how to approach your review but you should be comfortable in how your present your thoughts

BluRay Movie Reviews

  • A minimum of 500 words for the actual movie review
  • Ability to rate each of the following on a scale of 0 to 5 Stars
    • Movie (The actual rating of the movie i.e. Plot, acting, script, etc)
    • Video Quality (Quality of the BluRay/Instant video, visual defects, 3D quality if applicable)
    • Audio Quality (This includes soundtrack)
    • Special Features (How many extras com with the BluRay and how good are they)
  • In-depth review of each special feature. Because we are a movie review site, there’s a good chance we’ve already reviewed this movie. So the special features and packaging of BluRays are an important feature of reviewing BluRays. You want to explain why the reader should shell out money for this movie vs just waiting until it comes to Netflix


  • A minimum of 500 words
  • A unique, creative and relevant topic
  • A topic that fits with the theme and culture of the MTR network
  • Properly sourced

If you believe you would like to contribute please send an email to Contribute@MovieTrailerReviews.Net. Be sure to include the following:

  • The topic or Movie/TV show you would like to review
  • A sample of your writing (you don’t have to include pictures for your sample)
    • For Reviews, if it’s a TV show, send us a review for one episode (check the guidelines for TV Show reviews). For BluRays, send us just the movie review portion.
    • For Editorials, send us a 100- 200 word pitch for the idea/topic you would like to talk about
    • You can send the sample as an attachment
  • A short Bio