Second Trailer for Wonder Woman




I can't state enough how important this film is. Sure, a solo movie for a female comic book character is huge. That it's taken so long for Wonder Woman to get her own solo film is a travesty.

But the historical reasons aren't why this film is so important. It's literally going to be up to Wonder Woman to save what's left of the DCEU. I know I know, that might sound like hyperbole but I'm serious. Green Lantern flopped. Man of Steel was lukewarm. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a goddamn travesty. Suicide Squad only survived because "at least it wasn't BvS". With the shakeups happening for Justice League, Rick Famuyiwa leave Flash and grumblings about James Wan and Aquaman, Warner Brothers needs a hit. Not a limp across the finish-line technicality like BvS or Suicide Squad at the box office. They need a financial and critical hit. Far or not, they need Wonder Woman to win next summer. They can't afford another lukewarm reception going into Justice League next Fall. Marvel Studios is going to hit them hard next year (Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor Ragnorok). The excuses won't be there if Wonder Woman isn't good. The good news for them? This is another strong trailer. But as someone who is done holding onto hope for the DCEU, I can honestly say no trailer they put out will matter until the film actually comes out and proves itself to be good.

We'll see. I've lost my faith in the DCEU. Maybe Wonder Woman will fix that. She has to save the world in her movie but can she save the DCEU from itself?





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