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Super Tuesday Recap – Legends of Tomorrow S2E15 Fellowship of the Spear / Arrow S2E17 Kapiushon



Show: ,
Season: Legends of Tomorrow
Episode Number: Legends of Tomorrow
Episode Name: Legends of Tomorrow
Fellowship of the Spear
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Synopsis: Legends of Tomorrow
The Legends land in France during World War I and enlist the aid of J.R.R. Tolkien to retrieve the last pieces of the Spear of Destiny from the Legion of Doom.
Prometheus goes to extreme lengths to destroy Oliver. In flashbacks, Oliver's violent tendencies come to a head in a confrontation with Anatoly.

What Worked

Legends of Tomorrow: Mick turning on the team was earned and worked. Amaya considering using the spear made sense. The show found a good fit for Rip on the team while not being captain. Jesus Jax! Arrow: For the second week in a row, Adrian Chase/Prometheus is proving to be a top notch villain that is giving us Season 2/Deathstroke vibes

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Full Review

Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow are really bringing the goods this season. We really like how Legends is pulling the pieces together how it embraces the type of show it is. On Arrow, we’re still getting Season 2 vibes from this show and how its forcing Oliver to come to terms with who he is.

And the new Justice League trailer comes out so you know we have some thoughts on this. Just remember, Kriss is the nice one when it comes to WB/DC.

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