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DocuDrunks #7: Back in Time For Brixton


Posted April 17, 2017 by


A Black family of six elect to exchange their modern lives for the lives of 1950s West Indian immigrants.  We had a lot of fun discussing the curious case of the disappearing dreads, colorful dresses, and misogyny.

Back in time for Brixton was made by the BBC and currently available on YouTube. Episode 1 and Episode 2

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Petty Krueger

Petty Krueger

PettyKrueger is the always delightfully intoxicated (and slightly insightful) co-host of the ‘Scarestalgia’ podcast on the Movie Trailer Review Network. When not being a terrible human being, she’s an avid collector of vinyl records, illuminated manuscripts, and the souls of her fantasy football combatants. If you really feel bold, one might say her name in the mirror 5 times with the lights off…

Petty Krueger

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The Doctor

The Doctor

The Doctor is a television junkie, which goes well along with her tendency to be a hermit. She enjoys the good, bad, and ugly of all things television and movie related, purchasing Masters of The Universe for her personal collection just because she could. Based in the DMV, she enjoys writing, photography, and crushing the dreams of people who cape for terrible movies and shows. She reviews Supergirl and 12 Monkeys for Movie Trailer Reviews.

The Doctor

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